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Smartphone OS Marketshare

Check out Kantar WorldPanel’s smartphone OS market share infographic. There’s no denying that Android sales are well above all others, however, with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6Plus – it appears that Apple is gaining more and more traction worldwide with record breaking sales.

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Top Smartphone Apps

GlobalWedIndex has put together a list of the top apps used by the 969.5 million smartphone users worldwide. I currently use 9 of the apps listed below on a day-to-day basis so I was not shocked with their findings. Do any of these rankings surprise you? Are […]

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mCommerce is on the rise and everyone is joining in!

If you follow our blog, you may know that we love tracking mCommerce trends. We love seeing how gender, income and age alter who is shopping from their mobile devices. Nielsen came out with a new info-graphic that breaks this all down from the past year, plus […]

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Smartphone = a Coaster?

Smartphones serve a plethora of purposes. We use them for work, socializing, browsing and they can even get us out of some sticky situations… Haven’t you ever been pretended to talk or text so you didn’t have to chat with someone? Yep, guilty! It looks like we […]

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World’s First Braille Smartphone

I was surprised to find out that the very first braille smartphone is just now being developed. Smartphones have been a staple of our lives for over 6 years, so why are we only now tapping into that market that has 285 million visually impaired people worldwide […]

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$15.3 Million iPhone 5

Just when you think you have seen it all… then comes a $15.3 million iPhone 5. Stuart Hughes, a U.K. craftsman, has made his fair share of over the top, gold and diamond encrusted mobile devices, tablets, cars, liquor and the list goes on and on. He […]

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Is BlackBerry Back?

BlackBerry has finally made its grand debut after months of hang-ups and delays. With their recent unveiling came a re-branding of Research In Motion which is now called “BlackBerry” and two new smartphones: the Z10 and Q10. They are taking the plunge head first into vying for […]

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mobiFriendly 2012 Device Traffic Report

As one year has come to a close and another year begins, it is time at mobiFriendly to analyze the previous year’s data to see if we can spot any trends. A portion of data I’d like to talk about today is our device traffic statistics.  These […]

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Over 6 Billion Cellphones and Counting

Can you imagine a world where nearly every person owns a cell phone? We’re heading in that direction says the International Telecommunications Union.  Their data reports that there are over 6 billion cellphone subscriptions worldwide at this point.  With the world’s population just over 7 billion, we’re […]

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