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Recommendations for Apple | What's Next?

We all know by now that Steve Jobs sadly passed away yesterday. We will surely miss his creative and technology vision and genius. Apple has some big shoes to fill. Here are our recommendations to Apple:

  1. Change the logo to the one depicted here – Steve Jobs was a legend; there is no better way to pay tribute to him than to permanently mark him on the Apple logo (yes permanently).
  2. Keep releasing new products at the same pace as Apple has done for the past few years. The iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 are sure to be hits in spite of formidable competition from Amazon (Fire) and Samsung (Galaxy).
  3. It will be difficult to fill Steve Job’s shoes. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. However, Mr. Cook needs to invoke Mr. Jobs’ vision again and often. Customers love Steve Jobs and his vision. Tim Cook needs to follow this vision instead of charting his own course.
  4. Apple needs to continue spending money on R&D. This year alone, the company has spent almost $2 billion in R&D. This needs to continue with an eye to detail much like Steve Jobs did. Apple’s creative and product design teams are sheer genius, but they need clear direction. Steve Jobs provided that; Tim Cook needs to continue this.
  5. Apple needs to think beyond the iPad. In the last ten years, Apple has dictated what consumers need; starting with iTunes, iPad, iPhone and finally the iPad.  What’s next? Is it iTV, iCar, iBike, iHotel, iShoes? Customers want more. What will Apple think up next?


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