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News Roundup. Apple, Samsung & Razr, oh my!

So much mobile news, so little time! Here is a quick run down of what you should be aware of:

1) Samsung surpasses Apple sales in 3rd Quarter

Apple – 17.1 million iPhones (3 million short of estimated sales) Samsung – 27 million phones

Is it because people are disappointed with the iPhone 4S instead of seeing the much-talked-about release of an iPhone 5? Or perhaps because the iPhone 4S sales weren’t included in the third quarter due to being released so late in the year?
One thing is certain – Apple delayed the release of the new iPhone and built up as much hype around it as possible while Samsung went full speed ahead, caught up to, and then passed iPhone sales with the Galaxy series of phones, including the Galaxy S2. Apple doesn’t have any experience playing Catch-Up, we’ll see how quick they learn…

2) Samsung introduces Flexible Display

Samsung will introduce flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display technology in watches and phones in the second quarter of 2012. Robert Yi, vice president of investor relations at Samsung, has been quoted saying, “Sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part rather than the latter.”
So, what is a flexible screen? It’s plastic – meaning it won’t crack or shatter. The main issue with creating these screens is in the manufacturing. Apparently “affixing thin transistor arrays to flexible substrate” sounds easier than it is…
Look out for these new screens in 2012, and get the most out of your Kindles and iPads now. Samsung is hoping this technology will be much more appealing to consumers than those old-fashioned inflexible screens.

3) The Razr is Back

Motorola Droid Razr, that is. Thinner than ever, and equipped with a 4.3-inch screen display, Andoird fans will love this one. Coming out in early November. The biggest complaint likely to be heard – the Razr won’t run Ice Cream Sandwich until next year.

4) Google TV 2.0

Ok, so we made up the 2.0, but Google is at it again trying to revamp their attempt at a television service. Running Android Honeycomb 3.1,  you may be playing Apps on your TV instead of your smart phone or tablet!

5) Kindle Fire

At first glance it looks like a Kindle. Then you see the Bookshelf home screen in full-color and notice the speed it gets from the Android operating system. Sure, there’s no 3G, camera, or microphone, but it is the lowest-priced tablet around. Amazon is selling below cost hoping people will fill their Fires with ebooks from

6) iPhone 4S

Unless you’re living under a rock, you have already heard about Apple’s (disappointing) release of the iPhone 4S -not the iPhone 5 like so many fans hoped for. Read our thoughts on iOS 5 here >>

7) Lytro Camera

Take a picture now, focus on any part of it later. Scroll through images to get to others – no forward and backward buttons. Drag your finger across the top to zoom in or out. It’s a neat little gadget due out next year, just watch the videos >>


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