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Mobile Websites with: Locations and GPS

What is the main reason you go to a website on your phone?

a) To find franchisee information for my favorite restaurant. The thought of looking at PDFs and filling out complex forms on my phone excites me!
b) I want to read the complete company history from breaking ground in 1904 to learning about each of their 200 locations they have today.
c) I’m on the way to the gym and I can’t remember if the address was 1402 or 1204. What was the phone number again?

I’m guessing that a vast majority of you picked C, or have some other specific need in mind when looking up a website while on-the-go. With that thought in mind, the wonderful developers at MobiFriendly created the Locations module.

It starts the same as every other module, enter the text you want to appear on the main page, and add it to your mobile website. You can get creative and match the personality on your client’s desktop site, but the real fun starts once you add a specific location.

How much easier could it be? The address is converted to a Google Map (you can enter in the Lat/Long if you want, too) and the phone number is always Click-to-Call. There are additional fields for Hours of Operation, Email (Click-to-Email, of course), and a description area that’s like a mini-Generic Content module. So much better than zooming in and trying to copy and paste an address from a desktop site.

What if a client has multiple locations, you ask? Just start the process over and add the next address. Don’t worry, if they have a lot of locations we can upload them all at once using a CSV, pulling from their desktop website, or a number of other ways. All of the locations will be neatly organized like so:

(*Disney World is not associated with MobiFriendly, I just needed another address to use, and who doesn’t love Disney World?!)

Once all of the locations are added, most customers aren’t going to want to scroll through them all to find the one closest to them. Wouldn’t it be great if they could just type in their zip code, or a city they’re visiting and find the 10 closest locations to that area?

Firehouse Subs thought so, too. With over 450 locations, using a Search option was the best way. Customers enter their information and tap “Search” or they can simply tap “Find Near Me” and the mobile website works with the GPS on their phone to show the locations closest to where they are right now. Want to try it out yourself? Head over to on your mobile device and tap on Locations/Order On-line. (Yes, online ordering works on our mobile websites, too!)

Love how easy the Locations module is? Wait till you see the Menus module! Our blog will be busy for the next few weeks while we dive into each and every module offered on the platform. Keep checking back to learn more, or sign up today and get our step-by-step Mobile Platform Manual that will walk you through every feature available on our mobile websites!

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