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Media Kit

It is no secret that mobile is growing at breakneck pace. As a mobiFriendly White Label, you can expect not only super customer service, but all the tools required for you to sell mobile websites. A sampling of what we provide as part of the media kit (aka sales kit) includes:

Sales & Marketing Materials

You concentrate on opening doors; we will help you close them!

sell mobile websites
Business Card: Your business card looks like a smartphone and will be striking & memorable.
sell mobile websites
Mobile Business Cards: FREE business cards (custom domain) for you and your employees.
sell mobile websites
Instruction Manual: Step-by-step instructions for you and your clients to create & manage mobile sites.
sell mobile websites
Find Leads: Tips and tricks on finding leads and driving traffic.
sell mobile websites
Sales Scripts: How and when to call businesses, what verticals to target and what message to send…
sell mobile websites
Proposals: Templated proposals in pptx format (US, International, Multilingual, etc.)


With more than a thousand mobile sites powered by mobiFriendly, we will give you high resolution “eye-candy” for all verticals.

sell mobile websites
Call Us Now: Icons and buttons to enhance “click-to-call” (aka “touch-to-call”)
sell mobile websites
Home & Back Buttons: Customized buttons to enhance mobile-web navigation.
sell mobile websites
Navigation Bar Arrows: Multiple images for social media and other custom navigation.
sell mobile websites
Graded Backgrounds: Custom and “stock” variety for graded mobile backgrounds.
sell mobile websites
Background Images: Images and patterns in multiple colors for mobile web backgrounds.
sell mobile websites
Before-After Images: Dozens of examples in virtually all verticals for before-after images.


We have dozens of extras that come with the Sales and Media kit.

Custom CSS: The mobiFriendly platform allows for customized CSS to make your mobile websites shine.
Forms: You can use the standard built-in forms module, or we can customize forms for you!
Best Practices: We constantly give you statistical and trend-based information for you to effectively compete.
Monthly Emails: Once or twice a month, you will receive info on new features coming soon.
24/7 Customer Service: We are there for you. 24-7. Seriously!
Multimedia: Presentations, videos, press-kits; you name it. We will develop it for you!
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