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How Much Time Do YOU Spend On Your Smartphone?

The mobile phone represents so much more than just a communication device. We use our smartphones to not only make calls and texts for business and pleasure but we also use it to organize our lives through apps, browse the Internet, make purchases, pay bills and everything else in between. With our mobile devices being a focal point in our day to day activities, have you ever thought about exactly how much time you spend on your phone? conducted a survey asking 2,314 phone owners how much time they spend on their phone for communication, browsing, etc. The survey found that the average person spends around 90 minutes on their phone each day.

That may not seem that extreme but when we look at that figure overall, that amounts to:
– 32,850 minutes or 22.8 days a year
– 1,414 days or 3.9 years in a lifetime

The mobiFriendly team want to know – how time do you spend on your phone? Is it more or less than the figures above? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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