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How do Mobile Users view your website? Find out with ClickTale Mobile!

The big debate about whether or not to use Responsive Design always comes down to two opinions.

Separate mobile website enthusiasts say, “Give your customer limited information that focuses on what they’re looking for” and those who prefer Responsive Design chime in with, “You don’t know what your customers are looking for, so give them everything!”

But now, thanks to ClickTale Mobile you just might know exactly what your mobile customers are looking for.

To learn about users’ habits on desktop websites we have usability testing. There hasn’t been anything like this on mobile short of some top-notch Google Analytics investigating.

The genius plan behind ClickTale Mobile is to be able to show business owners, marketers, and website designers every tap, scroll, and pinch done while a mobile visitor is exploring a website. Any tilting of the phone to horizontal view will also be recorded. Business owners can expect to do the following:

  • Improve mobile site usability and customer satisfaction
  • Boost conversion rates of landing pages, online forms and shopping carts
  • Maximize ROI from existing marketing channels
  • Reduce site abandonment rates
  • Increase visitor engagement

Watch this video to see how it works > It’s only available in a Beta version right now, but is scheduled to be released to the public later this year.

*Note: MobiFriendly is not associated with ClickTale Mobile in any way, we just really liked the idea of being able to know exactly what your mobile users want. Wondering how you’ll take advantage of this and give it to them?  Check out our mobile content management system and then sign up for a trial account!

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