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How do I make phone numbers "Click to Call" ?

Question: On our mobile site we have our phone number listed on a number of our pages.  However these are not clickable to automatically call the number. How do we get all of the phone numbers to be clickable within the mobile site?


  • Type the phone number that needs to be click to call
  • Highlight the phone number and add a Link to it (the little chain-link-fence looking button).
  • Type “tel:123.456.7890” in the URL field and the number will show up as Click-To-Call

I have also provided all White Labels with URLs for “Call Us Now” button images. Once you have inserted the image, you can click on it and follow the above steps to make it “click-to-call” as well. Experiment with making your own images click-to-call, click-to-email, or click-to-SMS!

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