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Free mobile websites… Can it be true?

MobiFriendly is offering their resellers the ability to “sell” free mobile websites. And what’s more, their resellers are able to make money on mobile websites that their clients aren’t paying for.  Here’s a quick Q&A with the MobiFriendly team explaining how they are making this possible.

Q: So how exactly are you offering Free Mobile Websites? 
A:  Technically, we’ve always had Free Mobile Websites – in Trial and Demo form. Our White Labels never pay us for sites that they themselves are not collecting payment for. All mobile sites start with a 30 day Free Trial, and if the client doesn’t end up buying the mobile website after the trial, our White Labels never get charged for it.

Q: That seems like a great model for everyone involved! So now you’re able to make money on these Free websites? 
A: Yes, thanks to the growth of Mobile Advertising there is now a way to display Ads formatted for mobile devices on our mobile websites. They follow the standard Cost-Per-Click model, and when an end-user clicks on one of the Ads, we get a few cents here, a half-dollar there. Sometimes Ads even bring in over $1 per click – now that may not sound like a lot, but if you get 100 clicks per month, you’re doing quite well. We’re calling it our “Freemium Model”.

Q: Interesting, indeed. How do these Ads show up on your mobile websites?
A: It’s really quite simple. After the 30 day free trial (or less, White Labels can set their own trial length) if the White Label doesn’t indicate that the site has been sold, the site will be considered “Freemium” and the Ads start appearing automatically.

Q: And how do your White Labels earn money from these Ads? 
A: We are using Google Adsense and have segmented our Ad system by White Label, so each administration panel gets its own specific Ads and earns its own revenue. At the end of the month, we run an AdSense report showing how many views their mobile sites got, how many Clicks they got on their Ads, and the Revenue that was earned. We send this report to our White Labels and split the revenue 50/50 with them.

Q: What happens if a site showing Ads does get sold later? Or if the company with the mobile website doesn’t want Ads anymore?
A: That’s easy, too. In the administration side of every White Label, there is a section to indicate which sites are paying. Indicating that a certain client is now a Paying Client will immediately stop Ads from being shown.  If a company doesn’t want Ads on their mobile site, they must become a paying client.

Q: I’m sensing a little incentive for companies to start paying your White Labels there. Very smart!
A: Thank you!

Q: Alright, you knew this was coming. What’s the catch?
A: I wouldn’t call it a “catch” per se, but just more incentive for companies to pay our White Labels. The sites in “Freemium” status are limited in their content. Only the first 3 items on their site will show. For instance, in the 30-day Free Trial, a site may have:

  1. About Us
  2. Our Menu
  3. Contact Us
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. YouTube Videos

After the trial, if they elect to keep their mobile site at no cost their mobile site will show:

  1. About Us
  2. Our Menu
  3. Contact Us

Of course, the company can move these around to show Our Menu, Contact Us, and YouTube Videos, or any combination they like.

Q: Are there any functionality limitations? Other Free Mobile Website providers restrict social media access, don’t offer analytics, or take away other features.
A: Not at all, the 3 content modules is the only difference. Analytics are still available to White Labels for all mobile websites on their platform, and individually to their clients. Social Media can be added with icons in the header or footer, and all customization options are still available. That’s why our Free model is still Premium.

Q:  I understand the term “Freemium” now! What are the limitations on your Paying Clients’ sites? 
A: There aren’t any! Everything on our platform is completely Unlimited. We charge our White Labels a flat-rate per paying mobile site. However, they can charge their clients any amount they want. Some charge yearly, some have set up per-page plans, it’s really up to the reseller. We know we’re the technology behind the scenes, our White Labels have the freedom to run their business their way.

Q: So unlimited content on paying sites, the ability to offer and make money on free mobile websites, and your White Labels get to present this as their own customized service for their clients. Is there anything your White Labels can’t do?!
A: Ha ha! There is certainly functionality that our White Labels want, and we are doing our best to give it to them with at least 2 new feature releases per month – most of which are actually suggestions from White Labels. We’re enjoying leading the mobile revolution, and are looking forward to staying on top.

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