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Designing for the Mobile UX

The mobifriendly platform continuously goes through refinements as new phones are introduced into the marketplace. We are constantly conducting UX testing and take advantage of mobile technology available on newer devices. As of this writing, here are the top 6 considerations in designing UX. All these are already incorporated on the mobifriendly platform.

Fat Finger Navigation: Based on Apple best practices, we have created a default header of 44 pixels and give our clients the ability to change it. Also, each menu item is 44 pixels making it quite perfect for fat-finger navigation. This is a fundamental UX principle followed on the mobiFriendly platform.

Screen Resolution and Browsers: Much like desktop sites, mobile sites now have a plethora of screen sizes, resolutions and browsers. While most traffic comes from iPhones and Android devices, approximately 15 to 20 percent still comes from Blackberry, Windows and other devices. It is important to develop using a “98% compatibility” model. At mobifriendly, we constantly monitor devices and browsers to stay above this threshold (we are currently at more than 99.6% compatibility).

Vertical, Not Horizontal: Most desktop sites have top navigation that is omnipresent. Some have a breadcrumb that shows users the navigation hierarchy. With mobile devices, you don’t have this luxury because of limited real-estate. Instead, navigation is handled by clearly marked, vertical items. Branding is omnipresent using the header and the central focus within a sub-page is content (pictures, menu items, text description, coupon, etc.). This is simple, effective vertical navigation.

Mobile Phone Functional Integration: This is one area where mobile websites outshine desktop sites. Mobile devices offer GPS and native mapping functionality. At mobifriendly, we take total advantage of these built-in features for “Find Near Me” and “Dooor-To-Door” directions features. It is seamless, quick and built-in to our platform.

Give ‘em What They Want: The first few seconds of a mobile websites experience are the most critical. Information must load fast, must be mobile-friendly and must be branded. It is also important to give users a limited number of options (less than 6) to select from.

Frameworks and Technologies: As the mobile platform evolves, it is imperative that designers and developers keep up with standards and compatibility for advanced controls and functionality. Today, the buzz is about HTML5, CSS2 and jQuery Mobile. At mobiFriendly, we area already developing using these standards (note that as of this writing, jQuery Mobile is in Alpha 4.1).

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