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What size do Icons need to be ?

Question: I have some icons that I would like to get to you to be added to my platform. What size do they need to be again? Solution: Icons need to be sized 29×29 , in .png format, and have a transparent background.

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Phone Number on Home Page of Mobile Site

When we add a location and a phone number it shows up on the index page. Is there a possibility to have that option of the number showing up on the home page but without the location? We found that adding that tap-to-call option would be really […]

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I uploaded a logo, but it doesn’t show on the mobile site!

Question: Can you take a look at a site for me? I cant get the header to show. I uploaded the logo image and it shows in the back-end, but it won’t show up on the mobile site. quick cash loans las vegasCredit Repair Loans Solution: I […]

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How can I get a client’s Logo if I can’t drag it from the desktop site or copy the URL?

When a client says “I don’t have a copy of my logo” AND have a site where I try and grab this logo off her site and it doesn’t work, how can I add it to the mobile site? What’s your recommendation for good software to grab […]

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Logo too close to Sub-Menu navigation

Question: I noticed an issue this morning when adding a page to a site. The issue is pretty much the same for all sites where there are sub-menus. When I click on the Artists tab of the menu, it takes me to the sub menu. That is […]

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Adding a Blog to the Mobile Site

EDIT: Since this question was asked, our developers have created an RSS Feed Module and added it to the platform. Now all you need to do is copy the RSS Feed URL and paste it into this module! I have a client that has a blog on […]

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Can the Mobile Website work like an App on a phone's home screen? How would it look?

1) Is it possible to get a link for the mobile website that looks like an app? if so, is it possible to get that link on to a phone’s homepage? That way it is always easy access. their american Solution: When you first create your mobile […]

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Is there a Checklist for Creating Mobile Websites?

Im getting some reps to sell and they want to have a list of all information they need before they leave the business. Do we have a checklist sheet that we can give to clients that lists all the stuff we need to complete their mobile site? Solution: […]

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Centering the text on the Mobile Website Home Page navigation

No one has asked for this feature, but I thought it would look nice on sites that didn’t use Icons next to the navigation text. Here is the code for anyone that’s interested: .iMenu .ui-li .ui-btn-inner a.ui-link-inherit, .iPanel .ui-li .ui-btn-inner a.ui-link-inherit {text-align: center;}  

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Can we prevent YouTube videos from showing related videos at the end?

Question: Have you ever had anybody ask about how we can get youtube videos from showing related videos after the end of their videos? Solution: Yes, I have. We actually recommend this so that your customers stay focused on your brand and don’t get distracted by other […]

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