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Reverse Responsive

mobiFriendly is always looking to find ways to push the envelope and bring new, exciting ideas to the mobile development market. In the past few months, we’ve added a brand new feature to our robust platform called “Reverse Responsive.” This new feature can be found on your […]

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Newsletter: More Languages and Photo Gallery Enhancement

Last month, we told you about our biggest advancement as of yet on the mobiFriendly platform. In the first wave, we added Spanish. This month, we have even bigger news, we’ve added multiple languages to increase the accessibility of our platform to people from all corners of […]

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Newsletter: Languages and Share Features Have Arrived!

  We are so excited to announce that we have launched two of our largest advancements as of yet for the White Label program. These include a Social Share feature as well as the first leg of the Languages option. Both features allow our platform and the […]

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Instagram has been added to mobiFriendly Platform

Attention White Labels: We are excited to announce that we have added Instagram to our platform.  You can find it under the Social Media tab with this icon: One of the most popular ways to snap, filter, transform and share photographs. 90 Million Monthly Active Users 40 […]

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Mobile Websites with: YouTube Videos

Videos are one of the newest features on mobile websites. However, not all mobile websites display video the same way. Some send their users to 3rd party video hosting sites, while some close out of the browser and open a video-watching App. A select few (just over […]

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Mobile Websites with: Sub-Menus

Organization of your mobile websites is critical. Mobile consumers have shorter attention spans and want precise content that can be found easily. This isn’t to say that you need to limit the content on your mobile websites, just make sure that it is organized in an easy-to-use […]

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Mobile Websites with: RSS Feeds

One of the most visited sections on web pages today are Blogs, but you already know that since you’re looking at our blog! Your clients probably keep up with their blog for many reasons including SEO value, to show their customers how knowledgeable they are in their […]

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Mobile websites with: Reviews

Consumers rely heavily on reviews from others before making decisions. Since mobile websites’ conversions are higher than desktop websites’, doesn’t it make sense that mobile websites should include customer reviews? Adding the reviews module is a simple, one-step process with the mobiFriendly content management system. You don’t […]

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Mobile Websites with: Photo Gallery

With new retina displays and crystal clear image capabilities, Smartphones and other mobile devices are the perfect place to look at photo galleries. Unfortunately for mobile web surfers, most sites have very large images on them that take an eternity to load and show up too big […]

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Mobile Websites with: Offers/Promotions

89% of American shoppers use coupons when they make purchases. It’s not practical for most businesses to send out newspaper inserts full of coupons, but what if they could provide a coupon online? I know, I know, businesses are already creating online coupons. But how many shoppers […]

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