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Can the Mobile Website work like an App on a phone's home screen? How would it look?

1) Is it possible to get a link for the mobile website that looks like an app? if so, is it possible to get that link on to a phone’s homepage? That way it is always easy access.


When you first create your mobile site, the very last question is “Enable ‘Add to Home Screen’ Notice?” If you check this box, when an iPhone user comes to your mobile site they will be prompted to “Add to Home Screen”. This places an icon on their home screen much like an App. Clicking the icon opens the internet browser and takes them directly to your site.

The process is a little bit different on an Android. The user must Bookmark the website, and then add the Bookmark to their home screen. The end result is the same, it just requires more steps.


2) With the ‘Add to homescreen’ enabled, what would the clients actually see on their homescreen? the logo or something similar to an app tab?


In the Logo & Icons section (found in the left-side navigation) underneath where you upload your company Logo, there is a field labeled “Apple Touch Icon URL” with the description “Enter a URL to a 114×114 pixel PNG or JPG that will appear when you add a home screen icon on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.” (or Android device)

You can create any image to be used as the home screen icon, as long as it is 114×114 pixels it will work just fine. A square Logo is always good, or if your company has a Mascot those usually work well, too.

  • Upload the picture to the internet (I like using Picasa)
  • Copy the image URL
  • Paste the URL into the “Apple Touch Icon URL” field on your mobile site
  • Voila! You have an App-like icon.

Follow this same process for a Favicon – the little picture that shows up next to your website’s name in the internet browser. Make sure this image is 16×16 or 3×32 pixels.

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