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Apple iOS 5 vs Google Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) versus iPhone iOS 5 (and iPhone 4S) is expected to shape up to be a 2-horse-race. Microsoft Windows 8 and BlackBerry are relegated as outsiders.

For those of you living in the dark ages, Apple released iPhone 4S earlier this month and sales have already topped 4 million phones (according to Apple). Android is not slowing down; and with their imminent announcement of its first Ice Cream Sandwich device (Samsung), comparisons between the new Apple and Google Operating Systems will be rampant. Of course, fanboys (and girls) will put their own slants and spins for supposed technical superiority.

While all the specs for Android 4.0 are not official, we already know what iOS and iPhone 4S have to offer. Here is our first take:

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) versus Apple iOS 5

User Interface: While both UI/UXes are similar, Apple is the winner.

Speed: The iPhone 4S kicks it up a notch from the iPhone 4, but is still playing catch up. Samsung, HTC and Motorola all have faster processors. Google wins.

Screen Sizes: Apple has made it a point to make screen-aspects consistent on all versions of the iPhones. This is great for app developers and users. Google has a few phones that provide larger screens and higher resolutions, but screen-aspect inconsistencies make it somewhat cumbersome for developers and users. Overall though, Google is still ahead.

Number of Apps: Once you get above 50,000 apps, it is a matter of who has the most useful apps. There should actually be a classification called “useful apps” with no more than 200 or so apps listed. In this classification, it would be a tie between Apple and Google.

Emotional Connection: Apple Apple Apple – all the way.

Cool Features:

  • Google and Apple both have the “notification center” feature that lets users see all their notifications all at once.
  • Apple has added twitter integration with iOS 5. Pretty cool.

Not-so-cool Features:

  • Apple has implemented iMessage (BBM users have had this for years and years) – all platforms provide apps that let you message to other platforms; hence this features is not-so-cool.
  • Apple has implemented iCloud that has sent Apple fanboys and girls in a tizzy. However, iCould only works on Apple devices. Besides, other platforms already have similar features. Hence while fanboys and girls are impressed, we are not!

Killer Features:

  • For Apple, it is definitely the integrated SIRI and voice command features. While SIRI was already available as an app (free), now it is integrated and has created quite the buzz.
  • For Google, there are two killer features! First, there is the facial recognition feature – it remains to be seen how apps take advantage of this. Second, there is the camera movement detector – we can think of several ways that gamers and other app developers will go the distance with this.
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