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Archive for May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI Coming Soon!

There has been lots of talk about a Galaxy S4 Mini this week since their image and specs were accidentally leaked. Samsung made a quick recovery by introducing the flagship’s new, mini version. The Galaxy S4 Mini supports most of its larger counterpart’s features and services, but […]

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“Winning” for Apple, Samsung and All of the Others

Benedict Evans is a consultant as Enders Analysis, which is a U.K. based research firm. He has put together a post about how we view smartphones as “winning” and how units, revenue and operating profits do not always correlate.  If you take a look at his “Dominance […]

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Samsung S4 Soars

  The past 27 days have been very good for Samsung and their newest flagship, the Galaxy S4. In less than a month, they have managed to sell over 10 million of these smartphones worldwide, estimating four units per every second. This is a huge accomplishment for […]

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“Cooling” Smartphone

Summer has officially arrived at our office here in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. With our (long) summers comes extreme heat. “But it’s a dry heat…” as we tend to say. quick easy cash advance Whether you have ever used your phone for extended period of time, or you’re […]

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NEWSLETTER: Performance, Speed & Catalogs

Pay With Cash Online This month’s platform update has a lot to do with speed and performance. We continually strive to make the entire mobile web experience from design to redirection a positive one for both you and your clients. Take a look at the ways we […]

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In Less Than A Year. . .

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) predicts mobile phones will outnumber human beings. That means there will be 7 billion + mobile devices worldwide. That’s an incredible figure because just this past January, we shared with you that mobile devices had just reached 6 billion. Mobile penetration rates […]

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iOS Still Dominating the mobiFriendly Platform

The team at mobiFriendly continually analyze our device traffic to spot any trends between the different smartphone operating systems. It comes as no surprise that our two largest operating system contenders are iOS and Android. iOS definitely takes the top stop with its device traffic ranging from […]

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