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Archive for May 2012

Smartphone users minority of mobile population

Millions of smartphones are being sold in countries all over the world. Every day there is news about the latest phone to hit the market, new Apps being released, and new mobile websites being developed. It is surprising to learn that despite these facts, the vast majority […]

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What’s new with Mobile?

Are you interested in the latest mobile trends? Like to keep up with the latest happenings of Apple, Android, and Windows phones? Need inspiration for your own mobile sites? Wondering what might be new on the MobiFriendly platform, but not quite ready to sign up as a […]

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Does a Smartphone’s OS matter to consumers?

The obvious and immediate answer is “Of course it does!” But looking at data from it appears that only 50% of iPhone and Android users agree. Not surprisingly, 40% or less of Blackberry, Windows, and other smartphone users think that the operating system of their smartphone […]

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Mobile Websites – Before & After

Some companies are convinced that because their website will show up on a mobile device, that it is in fact a “mobile website”. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Here is a mini-showcase of how our White Labels have turned websites that weren’t possible […]

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Mobile Traffic for April (Infographic)

Everyone knows that mobile traffic is exploding when compared to desktop/laptop traffic. Here is how mobile traffic to sites on our platform compare in terms of how users get to mobile websites, what type of companies they are searching for on mobile, and where the mobile surfers […]

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iOS Breaking away from Google Maps

It’s no secret that Apple and Google (Android) are not fond of each other. Steve Jobs actually threatened “to go thermonuclear” on Android due to their alleged copying of iOS. Another fact that could attribute to Apple wanting to cut ties with Google? According to reports by […]

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Choice Hotels iPad App just launched

Parsus (the parent company of mobiFriendly) has delivered a plethora of strategic and technology solutions for Choice over the past few years. Some of these start at the very basic conceptual idea stage and go all the way through to execution and launch. The latest solution delivered […]

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Mobile Websites with: YouTube Videos

Videos are one of the newest features on mobile websites. However, not all mobile websites display video the same way. Some send their users to 3rd party video hosting sites, while some close out of the browser and open a video-watching App. A select few (just over […]

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Mobile Websites with: Sub-Menus

Organization of your mobile websites is critical. Mobile consumers have shorter attention spans and want precise content that can be found easily. This isn’t to say that you need to limit the content on your mobile websites, just make sure that it is organized in an easy-to-use […]

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Mobile Websites with: RSS Feeds

One of the most visited sections on web pages today are Blogs, but you already know that since you’re looking at our blog! Your clients probably keep up with their blog for many reasons including SEO value, to show their customers how knowledgeable they are in their […]

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