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Archive for September 2011

Google Wallet, Hypercom USA and Parsus

Over the past year, the market has been buzzing about a few mobile-friendly payment options. NFC (Near Field Communications) is widely accepted as the future of payments and is expected to replace plastic (credit cards) over the next few years. Needless to say, all the major players […]

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You Do Need a Mobile Website & Here's Why

We’ve heard every excuse in the book when it comes to companies feeling like mobile “isn’t for them”. I won’t even respond to these excuses using detailed statistics proving that mobile is the future. I’ll just use common sense. “We have an iPhone App” Perfect. If you […]

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Parsus develops mobile solution for Choice Hotels International

mobiFriendly and moBistro’s holding company Parsus Solutions, LLC recently launched a robust, full-featured, fully customized mobile website for Choice Hotels International. With 11 different brands, the site has a plethora of features on the following domains (best experienced on your SmartPhone): […]

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The Future of Mobile | Apple, Google and Microsoft

We all know that there is no company in the world that can create buzz like Apple. Fortunately, they follow it up by releasing products that are revolutionary. Apple typically doesn’t wait around to ask their customers what they want. Instead, they dictate what their customers will […]

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QR Codes for Dummies

Now that we’re offering QR codes with all mobile websites, we want to make sure that you’re getting the best use out of them. 1) Make sure your target market is scanning QR codes Out of 14,452 people (age 13+) surveyed that use QR codes: Age 13-17 […]

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