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Happy Holidays from the Parsus, mobiFriendly, moBistro family!

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Can the Mobile Website work like an App on a phone's home screen? How would it look?

1) Is it possible to get a link for the mobile website that looks like an app? if so, is it possible to get that link on to a phone’s homepage? That way it is always easy access. their american Solution: When you first create your mobile […]

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How do I make phone numbers "Click to Call" ?

Question: On our mobile site we have our phone number listed on a number of our pages.  However these are not clickable to automatically call the number. How do we get all of the phone numbers to be clickable within the mobile site? Solution: cards financial performance Type […]

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Is there a Checklist for Creating Mobile Websites?

Im getting some reps to sell and they want to have a list of all information they need before they leave the business. Do we have a checklist sheet that we can give to clients that lists all the stuff we need to complete their mobile site? Solution: […]

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Help Companies Understand their Mobile Customers

Sure, you have the tools to create professional, customer-grabbing, revenue-increasing mobile websites. But most companies still don’t understand the value of having a mobile presence. What’s a mobile marketer to do? Step 1 – Reinforce the fact that having a Mobile Website is rapidly becoming a necessity […]

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Brand=Status | Can Microsoft learn from Apple?

While Apple doesn’t really care about the price a consumer is willing to pay for its superb products, the Microsoft/Nokia partnership is taking a different tact. Starting in January, 2012, the Nokia 710 fully loaded with Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) will start selling on the T-Mobile network […]

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Same day Mobile purchases for Hotels exceed 60%

“I need a hotel Now!” If your hotel or resort property’s website isn’t optimized for mobile, you could be losing out on the growing market for same-day bookings. According to a recent story in USA Today, online travel agencies are introducing a rising number of booking tools […]

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Centering the text on the Mobile Website Home Page navigation

No one has asked for this feature, but I thought it would look nice on sites that didn’t use Icons next to the navigation text. Here is the code for anyone that’s interested: .iMenu .ui-li .ui-btn-inner a.ui-link-inherit, .iPanel .ui-li .ui-btn-inner a.ui-link-inherit {text-align: center;}  

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Can I change the background color on a Generic Content Module page?

My main menu background color is black, and I changed the Sub-Menu background to black, too. Now the Generic Content pages are not uniform with the rest of the site. How can I fix this? Solution: The best looking sites always follow the same theme throughout all […]

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Sub-Menu background transparency doesn’t match the main menu

Question: I have a sub-menu that is not matching the transparency of the main menu.  As a result, the text is not displaying because it is white, and the white menu background is still showing.  Thoughts? Solution: White text on a White background is never a good […]

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