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WWDC sparking iPhone 5 Rumors

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Not too long ago Apple had everyone hyped up for the release of the iPhone 5. Millions were disappointed by the release of the iPhone 4S (not all of us though – I love mine!) but that isn’t stopping the rumor mill from turning again this summer.

  •  iOS 6 was unveiled to developers on Monday at the 2012 WWDC.
  • The full release is scheduled for September.


  • It is believed that the iPhone 5 will be launched on iOS 6.
  • So naturally the conclusion to jump to is that the iPhone 5 will be released in September.
  • Case Closed?

9to5 Mac guesses at the back panel for the next-generation iPhone

Whether or not Apple actually releases the iPhone 5 this fall or not, we are sure that it will be buzzed about non-stop until then. What do new iPhone transfers and current-users-ready-to-upgrade have to look forward to?

New 3D imaging technology on a custom Apple-made Map App

  • Google Maps may not be supported at all on iOS 6 devices
  • TomTom has confirmed that it “signed a global agreement with Apple for maps and related information. No further details of the agreement will be provided.” Interesting, indeed.

Huge advancements in Siri

  • Specific details are unknown, but upgrades would be welcomed by all
  • Hopefully Siri will be able to send Tweets or update a status on Facebook – functionality that most thought should have been included in the first version
4in screen
  • Upgrade from the current 3.5in screen
  • Better competition for all the new Android phones with much larger screens
Battery Life improvements

2GB Ram

8 megapixel camera

New A6 chip

  • Wait a minute… iOS 6, new A6 chip… maybe Apple will really throw a curve ball and release the iPhone 6 !! Guess we’ll know come September.


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