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“Winning” for Apple, Samsung and All of the Others

Benedict Evans is a consultant as Enders Analysis, which is a U.K. based research firm. He has put together a post about how we view smartphones as “winning” and how units, revenue and operating profits do not always correlate.

 If you take a look at his “Dominance of Apple & Samsung” chart, you will see that depending on how you read it – you can justify that Samsung is winning on one side while Apple is winning on the other. But how can both be winning when we are so fixated on the Apple versus Android race?

As Benedict stated, “To put this another way, looking at ‘smartphone share’ or ‘profit share’ or ‘platform share’ all tell you something about the industry, but all three metrics mislead you if you try to treat them as a way to see who’s ‘winning’, because ‘winning’ means different things for Apple, Samsung or Google. After all, Google may well still make more money from searches on iOS than it does from searches on Android. There’s no easy way to fit that into any of these charts.”

We want to know, what do you think matters more – profits or units sold? Do you think there can only be one, clear-cut winner or does it vary? Let us know if your comments below!

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