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Windows Tablet Competing on Battery Life and Price

The first pre-order pricing that was published for the Microsoft Surface tablet was by a Swedish retailer. After converting the price to U.S. dollars, the lowest-end model came out at over $1,000! But¬†Microsoft has released statements saying the tablet will be “priced competitively” with other tablets on the market.

The most recent price estimate is $199 for the 32G model – apparently obtained at a Microsoft event (a closed-door session, to be exact) last month. While this would be comparative to a Kindle Fire, we’re not convinced that Microsoft would be willing to take that big of a hit to build up its user base. Especially after we’ve seen how they like to keep their profit/revenue percentage up

That being said, it is likely that the Microsoft Surface will be less expensive than the iPad and higher end Android tablets. By advertising features that are inline with iOS and Android, (video playback life of 8 to 13 hours, UI animations at 60 frames per second, etc.) Microsoft is hoping to get a few users to switch back to their platform. Those with a PC running Windows are incentivized even more due to the fact that the Surface tablet can integrate seamlessly with a home computer or laptop.

The other feature of the Surface tablet that is making headlines is the new “connected standby” setting that allows the tablet to still get updates from the network but use ‘just a trickle’ of power.

How much will battery life actually be impacted by the connected standby setting? How does not having to charge your table for 13 to 17 days sound? Pretty good, eh?

The closer to the release date (October 26th) that we get, the more details (rumors?) that come out. It seems that Microsoft has been watching Apple’s buzz techniques and following suite. Dare we say that Microsoft is back as a key player?

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