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Windows 8 Phones versus iPhone 5

The Internet is pumping out rumors about the imminent release of Windows 8 Phones and the highly anticipated iPhone 5. We are certain that the iPhone 5 will outsell all other devices in the first month; but don’t want to ignore Microsoft’s attempt (for the nth time) to re-enter the market. Here is a compilation of a few of these rumors:

Feature Window 8 Phone iPhone 5
Announcement Date Already announced by Samsung, Nokia announcement expected on Sept. 5, 2012 Apple announcement expected on Sept. 12, 2012
Release Date Rumored to be Oct. 28, 2012 Rumored to be Sept. 21, 2012
Major Carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile
Screen Size 4.3″ to 5.5″ ~ 4″ with Retina Display (some rumors claim a 4.6″ screen with Retina
OS Windows 8 iOS 6
Connector Mini-USB 9-pin connector (replacing the current 30-pin port)
Security Unknown Finger Print Sensor is rumored
eCommerce NFC Chip is rumored NFC Chip is rumored and will work with various apps (eWallet)
Mapping Bing and Google Apple
Casing Depends on manufacturer Liquidmetal is rumored
Camera (rear) Nokia will launch the incredible PureView camera, while Samsumg will launch an 8MP
At least 5MP, but 8MP is possible
Camera (front) 2MP 2MP
Other far-fetched rumors
  • Body will be see-through (or translucent)
  • Laser pointer will be built in aloing with mobile version of PowerPoint
  • “airbag” technology will be deployed when the phone is dropped.
  • Front camera will be capable of 3D images
Price $300 to $600 (free with 2-year contract) $600 to $800 ($199 with 2-year contract)

We will surely be getting both as soon as they are released!

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