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White Label Mobile Platform Traffic >> April 2012

Everyone knows about the popularity of iPhones and Android devices. The mobiFriendly platform is guaranteed to be compatible with more than 98% of traffic generated from mobile devices (at last audit, the number was more than 99.6%). The white label mobile website platform gets traffic from all kinds of mobile devices (including obscure mobile OS’s like DoCoMo). While there is a dispute about the popularity of iPhone versus Android phones, it is clear from our statistics that iPhone generates more traffic.

Among devices other than iPhones and Androids, the iOS platform once again rules. iPads have shown a steady rise since the beginning of the year (although they have stagnated in the past couple of months). The Windows Mobile platform, non-existent¬†last year also has started garnering some traffic of late (albeit it is less than 1%). Poor BlackBerry…like anyone cares!

We will continue to bring these graphs on a monthly basis. Stay tuned…

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