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We didn’t make up that word. People all over the world are phobic about “no-mobile-phone phobia” aka nomophobia. The term was coined in 2008 by the UK Post Office who commissioned YouGov to study anxieties suffered by mobile phone users. Note that this study was conducted in the UK and as of this writing, nomophobia is not a recognized psychological phobia in the USA.

The 2008 study found that:

  • more than 50% are anxious because their “phone may run out of battery or they may lose their phone or they phone may not have any network coverage.”
  • an additional 9% are stressed when their phone is turned off.
  • people are as stressed about their mobile phone as they are about “wedding day jitters”
  • more than 50% of people NEVER turn off their mobile phones (not in movies, not in concerts, not even on flights)

Now, a new study finds that nomophobia is getting even worse. OnePoll has conducted a new poll that finds that:

  • 66% now suffer from nomophobia (up from 53% in 2008)
  • women suffer more (70%) than men (61%)
  • the younger you are, the more nomophobic you are
  • people check their phone a whopping 34 times a day!

Are you nomophobic? Since you are reading this article, our guess is YES.

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