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What are your thoughts on Mobile Voting?

With access to election information more available than ever, it’s no surprise that some would like to take it to the next level by actually casting their vote from the comfort of their own home as well.  Not having to worry about getting to the right poll, avoiding lines, and voting with the simple click of a button? That doesn’t sound too bad…

According to recent research, a majority of mobile/tablet users agree. 60% said they would be willing to vote via their mobile device if they could be certain there would be no fraud.

Compared to the 2008 election,  41% of smartphone and tablet owners are also getting more information about the 2012 election via mobile apps, social media and web browsing.

It’s no surprise that younger people support mobile voting more than older generations. Although the liklihood of wanting to vote via mobile decreases as age increases, it’s not by as much as you may think. Here is an infographic from Stitcher detailing who would vote with their smartphone or tablet.


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