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The Most Active and Engaged Moviegoers are… Mobile Connected!

Nielsen has determined that mobile device users, whether it be smartphones or tablets, are proving to be the most active and engaged moviegoers. They use their devices through the entire movie going process, whether they are going out or staying in to watch a film. They can read reviews, watch trailers, purchase tickets, write reviews and watch films all from the palm of their hand.

Nielsen surveyed over 3,000 moviegoers ranging in ages from 12-74 years old. Overall in the past year, tablet users watched 47 films while smartphone users watched 41 films and the average moviegoer watched 36 films. Not only did they see more films but they are also more likely to see a movie more than once as well as purchase tickets online.

Although the survey proves that mobile connected users are more apt to see more and spend more in regards to movie going, what I found most interesting was that 69% of movie going actually own a smartphone and another 29% own a tablet and 23% own both devices.

We want to know, do you use your mobile device(s) in any or all aspects of the movie going process? If so, what do you use it most for? Let us know in the comment portion!


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