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Techie Palooza

Techie Palooza – Going Mobile and Creating Mobile Websites

Techie Palooza at ASU Skysong

Thank you for attending our breakout session during the first Techie Palooza at ASU Skysong! Going Mobile is an important step for every business, and we know it may have been hard to learn as much as you wanted due to the noise level in the building. This is a recap of the most important information from the session, and a link is provided at the bottom so that you can download our slide deck and review it at your convenience.

1) The Future is Mobile

  • By 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop (and laptop) traffic.
  • 29% of people worldwide ONLY access the internet on mobile devices.
  • People spend 2.7 hours on their mobile devices every day. If consumers are mobile, businesses should be, too.

2) Your Mobile Roadmap

A mobile strategy is a must for every business today.

For the vast majority of businesses, the first step into mobile should be a mobile website.

  • Mobile websites are compatible with over 5,000 different devices
  • Development of a mobile website is less expensive, quick, and easier to maintain
  • GPS functionality and Mapping can now be achieved through mobile websites
  • Redirection from a desktop website ensures consumers will find your mobile site
  • An icon directing users to the mobile website can be added to a mobile device’s home screen, just like with an App

The next step is to integrate other mobile marketing techniques such as QR Codes and SMS messaging.

  • There is no point in having a QR Code without a mobile website, as these can only be scanned by mobile devices
  • Sending a user on a mobile device to a desktop website will result in 64% of these users never returning to your website
  • SMS messaging usually includes a link or an incentive offer – make it as easy as possible for your consumers to complete these offers by linking to a mobile website

The third step in a mobile strategy could be a Native Application

  • Determine who your user base is – if 90% of your consumers use an iPhone, start with that App
  • Apps must be developed for each operating system individually – 1 App for iPhone, a separate App for Android, and a third App for Windows phones (and possibly a fourth for other devices)
  • Marketing of an App is necessary, there are over 500,000 Apps on the iTunes Store – how are consumers going to find yours?
  • An App is required for functions like Push Notifications, Camera-access, Contact List integration, and communication with other Apps
  • Companies do benefit from having Apps if they take the time and effort to promote them, but it is a much longer process than the results seen from mobile websites
  • It is also easier to create an App after having a mobile website, because information from the mobile website can be “pulled” into the App and doesn’t need to be developed from scratch

3) Things to Consider with Mobile

You know you need a mobile website, but how should it function? What information should you include? What will the design elements be?

A mobile website should be an extension of your desktop website 

  • Users should immediately recognize your brand
  • Maintain your logo and color scheme so the transition is smooth for your consumers

Know the habits of mobile users and provide relative content

  • Mobile users have specific needs in mind when they look up your website. And they want the information yesterday.
  • Provide contact information immediately. Click to call buttons, click to email, click to SMS – these need to be front and center
  • Location & Map – make it as easy as possible for consumers to find you. Over 59% of people will visit a business in person if they can locate it on their mobile device!
  • Include Social Media – anything that consumers already use their phone for should be a part of your mobile website
  • The history of your company is an amazing story, and people appreciate it, but mobile users don’t have the patience (or attention span) to read through paragraphs of information

4) How to Create and Resell Mobile Websites

Until very recently, creating a mobile website meant hours of work and required hiring a skilled developer. Now it is as simple as clicking a button labeled “Add a Mobile Site”

  • The MobiFriendly platform allows everyone, regardless of technical skill, to create premium mobile websites in minutes – not hours
  • The content management system comes packed with features, and is the only platform that is always unlimited (Unlimited number of pages per site, unlimited traffic to your mobile site, unlimited number of clients – and users per client)
  • The platform is recreated with your company’s branding, logo, and information
  • It becomes an extension of your brand, an additional service that you can provide – and MobiFriendly completely disappears
  • It is easy to manage all of your clients and every mobile site on your administration panel

Here are a few screen shots of the administrative controls not available as a Trial Account:

Easily manage all of your Clients from the administration panel

Keep track of every mobile site created by your team, and your clients. From this screen you can control if a mobile site is in a Free Trial, mark your clients as Paying, and manage content.

Your administration panel is unique to your company. Completely customize how long your Free Trial period is, insert your Google Analytics ID to get statistics for all sites on your platform, and even set a “Powered By” Footer that will automatically appear on every mobile site. Starting a mobile business has never been easier!

*Did you miss the information on how to create your own Trial Account? E-mail Us and let us know you were at Techie Palooza – we’ll set you up with an account right away!*

5) Get a Mobile Website for Your Business

Although MobiFriendly is a platform for resellers, we understand that some of you may just need a mobile website created for your existing (or brand new) business.

You can still Contact Us and let us know you are interested in having a mobile website developed. We will connect you with one of our White Labels who will leverage all of our technology to give you the best mobile website possible. Step 1 of your mobile roadmap can be complete within days!

Thank you again for attending our session during Techie Palooza. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Going Mobile (480) 614-9000

Click Here to get the PowerPoint from our Going Mobile presentation

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