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Logo too close to Sub-Menu navigation

Question: I noticed an issue this morning when adding a page to a site. The issue is pretty much the same for all sites where there are sub-menus. When I click on the Artists tab of the menu, it takes me to the sub menu. That is […]

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Adding a Blog to the Mobile Site

EDIT: Since this question was asked, our developers have created an RSS Feed Module and added it to the platform. Now all you need to do is copy the RSS Feed URL and paste it into this module! I have a client that has a blog on […]

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Fast mobile website growth expected to compound

The mobiFriendly platform now powers about 2,000 locations with mobile sites in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Here is a sampling of the map from the Phoenix, Arizona market with icons depicting mobile website locations. While detailed growth projections are confidential, these numbers are quite staggering. […]

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Can the Mobile Website work like an App on a phone's home screen? How would it look?

1) Is it possible to get a link for the mobile website that looks like an app? if so, is it possible to get that link on to a phone’s homepage? That way it is always easy access. their american Solution: When you first create your mobile […]

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How do I make phone numbers "Click to Call" ?

Question: On our mobile site we have our phone number listed on a number of our pages.  However these are not clickable to automatically call the number. How do we get all of the phone numbers to be clickable within the mobile site? Solution: cards financial performance Type […]

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Is there a Checklist for Creating Mobile Websites?

Im getting some reps to sell and they want to have a list of all information they need before they leave the business. Do we have a checklist sheet that we can give to clients that lists all the stuff we need to complete their mobile site? Solution: […]

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Help Companies Understand their Mobile Customers

Sure, you have the tools to create professional, customer-grabbing, revenue-increasing mobile websites. But most companies still don’t understand the value of having a mobile presence. What’s a mobile marketer to do? Step 1 – Reinforce the fact that having a Mobile Website is rapidly becoming a necessity […]

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Drive traffic to your mobile website

Our white label partners and their customers frequently ask us this question: “What are the best practices for driving traffic to our mobile website?” While there is no silver bullet answer to this, we have created a 7-point recommendation list for you to follow. These are quite […]

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Custom Mobile Site |

Our team is in the final stages of launching two mobile sites (running on the same platform). You can see for yourself by going to or from your mobile browser. Developed using jQuery Mobile (which is in Alpha 4.1), the site offers a perfect mobile […]

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First Look at Windows 8 | Good, Bad or Ugly?

With little fanfare, Microsoft has released an amateurish video that shows us a quick glimpse of what’s to come in the new Windows 8 UX. Microsoft needs to learn how to create buzz from Apple and how to release slick, professional videos. Based on first looks, we […]

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