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Mobile Websites with: Generic Content

All of the modules are great to have on hand in case you need to add certain functions to your mobile websites. But what if you just want to add a little text, tell your visitors about the company, highlight an employee of the month, or even […]

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Top-10 Credit Card Terminal Manufacturer Goes mobile on mobiFriendly

FLIPSIDESTUDIOS.COM/HSB13/DATA/ Equinox Payments is a top-10 credit card terminal manufacturer in the world with offices in USA (HQ), Latvia, Singapora, Philippines and Australia. Parsus (mobiFriendly’s parent company) has developed their desktop site (, and most recently their mobile site was launched (through a mobiFriendly White Label). You can visit […]

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Smartphones Are Taking Over

Almost half (49.7%) of all mobile users now have a Smartphone, and those that have one are smart enough to know that a website should perform differently on their shiny new mobile device. More smartphones = more mobile web traffic. More mobile web traffic means that mobile […]

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What size do Icons need to be ?

Question: I have some icons that I would like to get to you to be added to my platform. What size do they need to be again? Solution: Icons need to be sized 29×29 , in .png format, and have a transparent background.

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Super Bowl Gone Mobile

Congratulations, Giants! Super Bowl veiwers can usually be broken down into those who watch the game for the football, the commericals, or the half-time show. Google breaks people into categories based on what they search for during the game – Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Seven Layer Dip… […]

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Mobile Website or App?

Now that MobiFriendly is offering Apps in addition to Mobile Websites, our White Labels are asking “Which one should I create for my client?”. While the Apps that we are creating are WebView and based off of the mobile website, this is a valid question that is […]

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How do I track traffic for all of my mobile sites?

Question: I would like to track traffic for every mobile site on my administration panel. Is there a way to do this without going through each individual site? Solution: Yes, and it’s quite simple! First, set up a Google Analytics account: To get a Google Analytics account, […]

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Can I submit a site to Google if it's just Mobile with no Desktop site?

Im trying to submit a mobile website to google. He doesn’t have a desktop site. Only mobile. What do you use to do that? Solution: Try this link:

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I uploaded a logo, but it doesn’t show on the mobile site!

Question: Can you take a look at a site for me? I cant get the header to show. I uploaded the logo image and it shows in the back-end, but it won’t show up on the mobile site. quick cash loans las vegasCredit Repair Loans Solution: I […]

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How can I get a client’s Logo if I can’t drag it from the desktop site or copy the URL?

When a client says “I don’t have a copy of my logo” AND have a site where I try and grab this logo off her site and it doesn’t work, how can I add it to the mobile site? What’s your recommendation for good software to grab […]

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