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Super Bowl Gone Mobile

Congratulations, Giants!

Super Bowl veiwers can usually be broken down into those who watch the game for the football, the commericals, or the half-time show. Google breaks people into categories based on what they search for during the game – Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Seven Layer Dip… but now they are tracking a new stat.

How many people used their mobile device during the game?

Why did the mobile stats jump during the game? There aren’t any published reasons, but I’m willing to bet that it’s hard to hold onto a drink, get some of that seven layer dip, and jump up and down after a touchdown while holding on to your laptop. Cell phones are within an arm’s reach at almost all points in the day. Pulling out a phone to do a quick search would barely distract you from the game.

Some advertisers were encouraging mobile interaction as well. GoDaddy is infamous for risque Super Bowl commercials. Perhaps now they’ll be known for being ahead of the technology curve as well. A QR Code was shown during a commercial that once scanned gave people access to discounts on GoDaddy’s cloud-based services.

So is there anyone out there who believes that this mobile search jump only happens during the biggest football game of the year? Or could it be possible that people use their mobile devices while watching TV on a daily basis as well? Maybe the mobile revolution really is here after all…

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