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Sub-Menu background transparency doesn’t match the main menu

Question: I have a sub-menu that is not matching the transparency of the main menu.  As a result, the text is not displaying because it is white, and the white menu background is still showing.  Thoughts?


White text on a White background is never a good thing! The background of the Sub-Menu can be edited with this CSS Code:

.iList li:not(.iMore) a:not(.iSide), .iList li.m-li-static.m-li:not(.iMore) {background-color: #000000}

To Make Your Sub-Menu Background Translucent:

Instead of using a Hex Color Code for the background color, use RGB codes, with A (for translucency)

.iList li:not(.iMore) a:not(.iSide), .iList li.m-li-static.m-li:not(.iMore) {background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.2}

R= amount of Red in the background, G= amount of Green, B= amount of Blue, and A= Alpha or transparency. So A=1.0 would be solid, A=0.0 is invisible and A=0.5 is translucent

If you need to change a Hex Color Code to an RGB code, visit

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