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Sell mobile websites by connecting with clients

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Don’t become an SNL skit like Verizon. Talking to clients about technology they don’t understand isn’t going to help make the sale. So, how do you know what you should do in order to relate to prospective clients? Here are a few ways to make sure your clients don’t walk away empty handed like the customer in the video.

1) Qualify your Leads

  • Are you trying to contact a company with a one-page website that was last updated in 2004? Did your web search for this company result in only review sites with no link to their personal website? Move on.
  • Very rarely will a business that doesn’t have a desktop site want a mobile site – yes, it has happened, but don’t waste your time hoping for an exception to the rule. Contact companies who are advertising on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. They are aware that people are searching for them, and they have money to spend.
  • Another good way to find leads is to scan QR codes – scan every code you see, every time. A majority of these scans will take you to desktop websites. Contact these companies and explain how much better their QR Campaign would be if their clients were greeted with a mobile version of their website, which convert at much higher rates.

2) Make sure they know the Benefits

  • Since mobile websites are relatively new, education is going to be an important part of making a sale. People are much more worried about not obtaining something than losing something they already have. There are mobile stats everywhere showing the percentage of people that will go to a competitor’s website if the one they originally want isn’t mobile, but the only people aware of these stats are mobile marketers.
  • You may feel like a broken record, but your prospective clients have never heard of Google’s GoMo project, or that 50% of local searches happen on mobile devices. They most likely don’t even know how much of their own traffic is coming from mobile devices, or what their site looks like on a smartphone.

3) Be Prepared

  • If this is a spur-of-the-moment, “I’m at this business and notice they need a mobile site” discussion, use one of the demo sites provided on your administration panel to show how easy and functional mobile websites can be. Also make sure to pull up the business’s website on your mobile device so the owner can see first hand how difficult it is to navigate on a smartphone.
  • If you have discussed a meeting with the owner beforehand, take the time (1 hour at most) to create a fully branded demo site for them. Show them their current website, then head over to your demo site. The instant before and after visual is a real eye opener for those who ask, “Why do I need a mobile site?” or “What’s the difference?”

4) Create a Relationship

  • Whether you set up your White Label to charge monthly, or yearly, there will be a relationship created, and it’s up to you to decide how close it will be. Do your own search on Google for their type of business in their location (Phoenix, AZ Locksmiths) and look up the percentage of this search coming from mobile devices. If you’re the one to show this client the amount of customers they are losing, they will look to you for the solution to this problem.
  • Guide them through marketing their new mobile site – quick tips on where to put the QR Codes, how to promote the site with Mobile-Only coupons, and just a reminder to post the “m.” site on their social media accounts will work wonders! Down the road, they will look to you when they have more regular customers and see the need for an App, too.

Don’t leave clients shaking their heads, leave them after shaking their hand. Mobile is the future, you just have to help them understand why.

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