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Smartphones Surpass Feature Phones – It’s About Time!

For the past few years, every year was deemed “the year of the smartphone,” however, it actually seems to be the case in 2013. The shipments of smartphone devices will officially trump those of feature phones, which is a first.

The IDC (International Data Corporation) has conducted research and it is expected that 918.6 smartphones will be shipped throughout 2013 and that accounts for 50.1% of total mobile phone device shipments. Although the race is tight, there are three main factors as to why smartphones are finally surpassing feature phones:

  1. The cost to own a smartphone is lower than ever
  2. The variety of smartphones has increased
  3. Increase of 4G – Fourth Generation – wireless networks

Until recently, smartphone shipments were directed at affluent, booming economies. Now the smartphone influence has shifted towards other markets making these devices more attainable to more demographics.

For 2013, China and the United States hold nearly half of the market share of smartphone shipments with China at 32.8% which equates to 301.2 million units and the United States with 15% which equates to 137.5 million units. The United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and India trail behind with roughly 3-4% each of the market share.


The IDC projects the next four years show even greater promise for smartphone devices with 65% growth overall.

We love that more people from varying markets are getting the opportunity to take part in the smartphone revolution.  Do you believe there are other reasons as to why smartphones are now more attainable and utilized? Let us know in the comments!

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