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Smartphones becoming necessities to people under 35

Almost half of 20,000 mobile users under the age of 35 say they have a Smartphone – even those making less than $15,000 per year. It makes sense that the higher a person’s income, the more likely they are to own a more expensive phone, but this study from Nielsen shows that those who are on a tight budget are still not ready to forgo the latest in technology.

It is easy to assume that the lowest age group with the lowest income, (18-24, and <15k) could possibly still be in college and getting help with the phone bill from their parents. However, the 25-34 age group are most likely not getting help, and yet almost half are still Smartphone owners. So are these age groups irresponsible and only trying to keep with the latest trends? Or could they possibly be saving money by spending it on this product?

By owning a smartphone with an unlimited data plan there is no need to pay for internet at home. More and more videos and TV shows can be streamed online – there goes paying for cable and Netflix. No landline is necessary, either… Vonage, who? Desktop sales have already been surpassed by mobile sales, and it seems as if the laptop will be next thanks to the expanding array of available Tablets. It’s no wonder our mobile statistics have been exploding lately!


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