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Smartphone users minority of mobile population

Millions of smartphones are being sold in countries all over the world. Every day there is news about the latest phone to hit the market, new Apps being released, and new mobile websites being developed.

It is surprising to learn that despite these facts, the vast majority of mobile users are still on feature-phones, and have not yet upgraded to smartphone devices.

6.1 Billion mobile phone users, and less than one billion of them have smartphones!

While this report may be shocking, it is great news for everyone involved in a mobile-related business. Each time a mobile contract ends (or an upgrade is available) more and more people replace their phones with smartphones.

In 2006, there were only feature-phones. Then came the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. etc. In just 6 years, 953 Million people have started using smartphones. And there at least 5 million more mobile users that have pretty good incentives to make the switch…

Here’s a little information on those who have already joined the Smartphone Revolution:

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