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Smartphone = a Coaster?

Smartphones serve a plethora of purposes. We use them for work, socializing, browsing and they can even get us out of some sticky situations… Haven’t you ever been pretended to talk or text so you didn’t have to chat with someone? Yep, guilty!

It looks like we can add one more purpose to the smartphone – a coaster! Ad agency, Fischer & Friends, have created a beer glass called the Offline Glass that can only sit up-right as long as there is a smartphone underneath to prop it up. It’s promised to “rescue people from the online world” and encourage human interaction.

The Offline Glass has been unveiled at Salve Jorge bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Owners, Flavius Cinira and Wanderley Romano, believe this glass will bring friends together and help them escape reality while they drink from this glass.

I think the Offline Glass serves a noble purpose. Although we love our handy smartphone devices, have we become a generation where what’s going on in our palm is more important than what’s going on in front of us? I’m not too sure if I’d be fond of putting my iPhone under a sweaty beer mug but I’d be more than happy to put my phone away – especially if I have a beer and good company to keep me occupied.

Would you let your smartphone prop up your beer? Do you think this will help face-to-face interactions? Let us know in the comments below!

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