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Samsung S4 Soars

samsung s4


The past 27 days have been very good for Samsung and their newest flagship, the Galaxy S4. In less than a month, they have managed to sell over 10 million of these smartphones worldwide, estimating four units per every second.

This is a huge accomplishment for Samsung because their previous S3 took double the amount of time (50 days) and the S and S2 took roughly five to seven months to reach this milestone.

Samsung stated, “The Galaxy S4 sets a new record for Samsung, generating sales quicker than any of its predecessors.”

Although these numbers are a major accomplishment for Samsung, they still do not stack up to the success of Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 5, which sold 5 million devices in its first weekend.

The impressive number of the S4 are expected to keep Samsung as the leader in the $294 billion smartphone market. Although the Apple and Samsung competition continues, Samsung held 31.7% of the smartphone market in the first quarter while Apple only held 17.3%.

We enjoy watching the massive smartphone market continue to grow with each new flagship and see the competition volley back-and-forth.

What do you think of Samsung’s accomplishment? Let us know in the comments!

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