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Responsive Design or Mobile Website?

A website designed as “responsive” means that you only have to design a website once and it will display on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Sounds great, right? Well, not if you care about SEO (search engine optimization).

Although the technology has been around for a while, it is just now becoming popular due to its low cost and cheap maintenance fees. Companies that have used this responsive design for their website didn’t have to do much work at first, but are now suffering in organic search results. Think of it like buying your fiancée a ring with cubic zirconia instead of a real Diamond – great for your wallet at first, but horrible for the relationship soon after.

Websites need to provide what consumers are looking for. Desktop sites can provide more information because the screen is easier to navigate, and the user has a longer attention span. When someone does a search on mobile, they are most likely looking for specific content. Locations, contact information, and other things that need to be accessed quickly.

Bryson Meunier, director of content solutions at Resolution Media, explains it like this: “If there’s a lot of additional mark-up on the site that needs to be suppressed to deliver the content users want to see, it will slow down the site and possibly deliver the wrong content.”

Auto insurance companies like State Farm and Esurance have content on their mobile sites that doesn’t exist on their desktop sites. They know that people accessing their site from a mobile device most likely need information about car accidents. With a mobile website they are able to make accident resources the main focus of their sites on a mobile device, something that wouldn’t be possible with a “responsive” web design.

Meunier fears that continued growth of responsive web design is going to slow the growth of mobile web if searchers aren’t finding what they need. This doesn’t sound like something that should be supported since mobile traffic is projected to pass desktop (and laptop) traffic by next year!

If you are against this, and want to help your clients create real Mobile Websites, find out how to become a White Label by contacting us today.

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