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QR Codes for Dummies

Now that we’re offering QR codes with all mobile websites, we want to make sure that you’re getting the best use out of them.

1) Make sure your target market is scanning QR codes

Out of 14,452 people (age 13+) surveyed that use QR codes:

  • Age 13-17 : 7.4%
  • Age 18-24 : 16.6%
  • Age 25-34 : 36.8%
  • Age 35-44 : 19.6%
  • Age 45-54 : 12.4%
  • Age 55-64 : 4.1%
  • Age 65+ : 3.0%

(source: comScore)

We wouldn’t recommend advertising your Senior Citizen Specials using a QR Code, but anything on a College Campus or somewhere with a new Happy Hour Special would see great results. Family Functions will respond well, too. If mom and dad aren’t scanning the QR Code, their teenager will be.

2) Where are you going to place your QR Codes?
They need to be easily accessible and sized right for scanning. With MobiFriendly’s QR Code Generator, you can pick the perfect size QR Code and download it right to your computer. Now that you have it, you need to know where to put it.

  • Flyers –easy to pass along or post up somewhere, limited space on a flyer is now infinitely expanded with access to your mobile site
  • Business Cards –new contacts and potential clients will be able to see your website instantly on their phone, no more forgetting to look you up when they get home
  • Receipts –keep your customer engaged even after they have left your store/hotel/restaurant
  • Print Ads & Mailings –current customers get something new and engaging while new customers immediately know you are a company that is keeping up with the latest trends
  • Signs – Passersby can easily scan your code and get more information without having to stop and read a lengthy explanation on a sign
  • Store Windows –maybe a customer can’t come in right now, but they can get instant access to your on-line store and see coupons & specials that will bring them back in
  • Displays –setting up a booth or going to a trade show? No one has their laptop with them while walking around, but to get your information all they need is a smart phone!

3) Someone scans your QR Code, now what?
Lucky for your customers, you have a Mobile Website and they will never be frustrated with your QR Codes. (And your business will never end up on our Wall of Shame…) You can send your customers to your Facebook page, Twitter account, Coupons and Specials, Company Contact Information, etc.
Of course, when you send them to your Mobile Website powered by MobiFriendly, they will have access to all of these things…

Congratulations! You know the basics to QR Codes. Now all that’s left to do is log in, create your mobile site, get your QR Code, and be amazed by the results.
We have more QR Code Updates coming soon. Keep checking back for new features

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