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Phones and First Dates?

Does your phone have anything to do with your number of first dates?

mobile-dating survived 5,000 singles within the United States, both Match members and non-members and asked them roughly 200 questions.

Match concluded that your smartphone may somewhat determine the amount of first dates a person goes on – these singles had at least one first date:

  • iPhone singles = 49%
  • Windows singles = 46%
  • Android singles = 44%
  • BlackBerry = 42%
  • Feature Phone singles = 27%
  • No Phone singles = 18%

On the flipside, the other half of these smartphone users are not going on dates.

The underlying question is, does owning a smartphone mean you are going on more dates? If so, how come? Mashable made some good points about these findings, like perhaps they are more outgoing or exude wealth, attracting more people, amounting to more dates. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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