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Nokia Lumia launches Nail Polish Line

“Nokia Lumia Pink” isn’t only a colorful phone, but now it’s a nail polish color, too.

Valerie Buckingham, director of marketing for Nokia North America, tells Women’s Wear Daily the collaboration marks “the next generation of mobility” because “phones are in your back pocket all day [and should represent] the most personal parts of your style.”

We’re not so sure about that… but it did make us wonder – What if other non-fashion companies came out with an accessory line to match their products?

[Possibly] Coming this Fall! [But probably not…]

Chevrolet’s new line of High Heels to match their green and black Camaro

Boogie Board breaking into the jewelry business with Sapphire earrings to match their writing tablet colors

Dell releasing a new Eye shadow pallet with a color to match every latop cover

If you have a Blue Tooth, why not also have Blue Lips with Motorola’s new Lipstick?!

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