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Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Release

Today marked the release of the brand new Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920. Two devices running the Windows Phone 8 operating system – also brand new. Nokia announced, “This is Lumia, the world’s most innovative smartphone,” and is hoping that these new devices will bring them to the same level as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating system

The 820 and 920 were presented as “an alternative to the faceless black and grey monoblocs that you see out there,” according to Nokia president and chief executive Stephen Elop. The new devices will be offered in colors like yellow and lipstick red. Although dates when these devices will be available to the public, and at what price-point, were not revealed.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer also appeared at the event. “This is a very important milestone. It is unbelievable how far we have come in 18 months working with Nokia,” Ballmer said. He later added that the launch highlights “the broader context of where we’re going overall with Windows… we’ve reimagined Windows from the ground up.”

So what features make these new Nokia’s so remarkable?

  • The most advanced camera of any smartphone
  • Extended battery life – 30% better than iPhone/Android with wireless charging
  • Display with “better than HD resolution”

How much better? This is how Nokia smart devices team leader Jo Harlow describes it: “The clarity is so incredible that video just pops right out of the screen.”

Another new feature is the innovative Location Platform, which allows users notably to point the phone at a location in a city and get information on local shops and restaurants.

Harlow called this “the most intuitive way to explore the world around you.”

The event also unveiled a Lumia 820, described as “a stylish, mid-range smartphone that delivers high-end performance in a compact package” with interchangeable shells, including one in purple.

Analysts offer a generally favorable view of the phones, but with the supposed launch of iPhone 5 right around the corner, we’re not sure that these devices will take off like Nokia and Microsoft are hoping.

We’ll definitely be checking it out, and if you get one yourself be sure to let us know what you love about it, and what they could have done better in the comments.


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