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Need For Speed

It comes as no surprise to us here at mobiFriendly that other than the device itself, two-thirds of smart phone user’s biggest grievance is that “web pages load too slow.”

There are now over 1 billion smartphones being used across the world.  With that number continually on the rise, 64% of consumers expect load times of 4 seconds or less while 82% expect 5 seconds or less.  However, it is difficult for those times to be met when only 4% of websites are currently mobile optimized.

At mobiFriendly, our platform allows our customers’ expectations to be met and surpassed with our mobile detection and redirection.  Our complete content management system makes site development and maintenance as simple as can be.  We also continually test all devices on the market so no matter what smart phone a customer may be using, through our platform, they will have the speediest and most seamless experience.

Businesses must remember that smart phone users, now more than ever, have a need for speed when browsing the web.

  • 16% will leave a website and not return if it loads too slowly
  • 6% will use a competitor’s site

Let the team at mobiFriendly help you and your clients utilize the mobile revolution with all of the amenities we provide.

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