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Mobile Websites with: YouTube Videos

Videos are one of the newest features on mobile websites. However, not all mobile websites display video the same way.

Some send their users to 3rd party video hosting sites, while some close out of the browser and open a video-watching App. A select few (just over 1,000 to be exact…) use this YouTube Video module and keep their users on the mobile site all while displaying their company’s logo above the video.

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The YouTube Video module is similar to the RSS Feed module in it’s ease of use. Name the module, copy and paste a little bit of text, and the platform does the rest.

YouTube gives you multiple options when you’re getting the video’s embed code, but the platform already knows the requirements of mobile devices, so you don’t need to worry about those. It also “knows” that you don’t want related videos showing up on your mobile websites, so it does away with those as well.

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When you visit YouTube and find your client’s video, there will be a button underneath it that says “Share”. Click on this and you will get a link, and two more options. Click on “Embed” and you will get the iframe code. This is what you need to copy and paste into the YouTube Video module.

As you can see, the video is nicely formatted and shows up right on the mobile site without having to manipulate the code in any way.

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Want to see it for yourself? Click this link > or go to on your smartphone. You can see some of the other modules from this blog series on the site as well.

The YouTube Video module was the last installation of our Mobile Websites: How-To blog series. Did you miss any modules? Click one of the topics below to check them out. We covered:

At least two new features are added each month, and since the Locations Module how-to blog was written, it has been updated to let users select their own GPS functionality (at 25 locations, Always On, Always Off).

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