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Mobile Websites with: Sub-Menus

Organization of your mobile websites is critical. Mobile consumers have shorter attention spans and want precise content that can be found easily. This isn’t to say that you need to limit the content on your mobile websites, just make sure that it is organized in an easy-to-use fashion. Perhaps by adding in Sub-Menus.

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The Sub-Menu module makes it very easy to separate sections of your mobile websites. Maybe you work with a restaurant that has daily specials. When their customers visit the mobile site on a Friday they don’t want to scroll all the way through Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get to Friday’s specials. Just reading that string of days is exhausting! Create a Sub-Menu titled “Daily Specials”,  and inside can be multiple Coupon modules titled with each day of the week. Now the customers just need to click on the day they’re interested in.

“Won’t I get confused as to whether I’m adding a module to the Main Page or the Sub-Menu?” Not to worry, just pay attention to the top navigation as can be seen in this next screen shot. “Home :: Demonstration Site” lets you know you’re adding to the Main Page. “Home :: Demonstration Site :: Sub-Menu 1” indicates that you’re adding content to the Sub-Menu.

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Sub-menus allow for mini-mobile websites inside the main site. Every module is available – you could even create a Sub-Menu inside of a Sub-Menu, although try not to get too carried away…

This is also a great feature for those modules that don’t support multiple listings. By now you know that the Locations module is unlimited. 500 locations could be included and they’ll all be kept in one neat section. The YouTube module (blog post coming soon!) only supports one video per module. “But my client needs a Video Gallery!” Simple, use a Sub-Menu.

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Title your Sub-Menu “Video Gallery” and put as many YouTube Video modules as you need inside it. Your content stays neat and organized, and your client’s customers can get to the exact video they need without scrolling through them all.

mobile websites

Our blog will be busy for the next few weeks while we dive into each and every module offered on the platform. Keep checking back to learn more, or sign up today and get our step-by-step Mobile Platform Manual that will walk you through every feature available on our mobile websites!

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