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Mobile Websites with: Photo Gallery

With new retina displays and crystal clear image capabilities, Smartphones and other mobile devices are the perfect place to look at photo galleries. Unfortunately for mobile web surfers, most sites have very large images on them that take an eternity to load and show up too big to be viewed without scrolling. There’s a quick fix to this problem that will ensure all photos show up sized correctly on mobile websites – the Photo Gallery module on the mobiFriendly content management system.

mobile websites

Adding Photo Galleries to mobile websites is a matter of two clicks. That’s it! Adding photos to the gallery is just as easy.

mobile websites

Hosting the photos elsewhere ensures that your mobile websites will never be slowed down by bulky images. You can also upload Retina (or 2x) images to be displayed by capable devices. Simply copy the URL of the photo and paste it in the Image URL field. Thumbnails will be automatically generated, but if you have a specific thumbnail that you want displayed, you can enter that URL as well. Title your image and you’re all done! The images will be resized to fit mobile devices.

Here’s a preview of a photo gallery:
mobile websites

Once a specific picture is clicked on, users have the option to scroll through the images or to go back to the main Photo Gallery.
mobile websites

To experience it yourself, visit from your mobile device. Now there’s no excuse to have anything less than picture perfect mobile galleries!

Our blog will be busy for the next few weeks while we dive into each and every module offered on the platform. Keep checking back to learn more, or sign up today and get our step-by-step Mobile Platform Manual that will walk you through every feature available on our mobile websites!

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