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Mobile Websites with: Offers/Promotions

89% of American shoppers use coupons when they make purchases. It’s not practical for most businesses to send out newspaper inserts full of coupons, but what if they could provide a coupon online?

I know, I know, businesses are already creating online coupons. But how many shoppers print the coupons and forget them? Bringing a laptop to the grocery store is far from practical. However; bringing a mobile phone to the grocery store is second nature.

How can you make sure all mobile users will have access to your coupon? And what about those people who try to redeem coupons even after the expiration date?!

Not to worry, the mobile platform knows what device is looking at the website, and will size all fonts and images accordingly. The Offers/Promotions module comes with a field for the Fine Print and one for the Expiration Date. After the expiration date passes the coupons is removed from the end user view, but it is still kept in the content management system where it can be edited and used again! If there’s already a coupon on the desktop website, just copy the URL of the image and you can skip the Description and Fine Print options.

Buy one get one offers at restaurants, percentages off certain purchases, even free rent! Any discount can be achieved with mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons made easy. What will they think of next? Photo galleries optimized for mobile, perhaps? Our blog will be busy for the next few weeks while we dive into each and every module offered on the platform. Keep checking back to learn more, or sign up today and get our step-by-step Mobile Platform Manual that will walk you through every feature available on our mobile websites!

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