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Mobile Websites with: Calendar of Events

A calendar of events can be tricky to navigate on mobile websites. If it shows up as an actual calendar, the fonts are guaranteed to be too small to read without pinching and zooming. And if you hit the wrong date, you have to backtrack and hopefully get it right the second time around.

Enter the MobiFriendly platform Calendar of Events. A quick and easy way to showcase a speaking engagement, company picnic, corporate event, or social gathering. Simply enter the title, date, time (or make it an All Day event), enter a description and Voila! Your event is accessible to anyone who visits your website on a mobile device.

“Hurry up, Bob! We’re going to be late for the manager’s presentation?”
“Calm down, Larry. Pull up the company website on your smartphone. You’ll see right in the Events section that we still have 45 minutes”

But what if there’s an event that is recurring, you ask? Simply change your “Repeat” settings to match your event’s details and the Events module does the rest!


Impressed? There’s more where that came from! Our blog will be busy for the next few weeks while we dive into each and every module offered on the platform. Keep checking back to learn more, or sign up today and get our step-by-step Mobile Platform Manual that will walk you through every feature available on our mobile websites!


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