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Mobile Website Traffic May 2012

As we’ve seen our mobile site count grow to over 1,000, (not locations of businesses, but actual paying websites) we have seen our mobile site traffic climb drastically. At any point throughout the day we have over 60 visitors at a time visiting one of our White Labels’ sites. Thanks to White Labels in Australia and Europe, this continues around the clock.

As for traffic from certain devices, we haven’t seen much of a change. iPhone continues to be in the lead with over 50%, and Android is the closest competitor with almost 38%.

The next closest, although very far behind, isn’t a phone at all, but the iPad – which saw very steep climb to the top of the “other devices” comparison. Blackberry is still steadily declining (is anyone surprised by this?) and Windows Phone is steadily increasing. Other than that, there’s not much to report this month.

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