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Mobile Website Platform Updates!

With two platform updates coming out each month (at least!) the next features are always just around the corner. These three updates have just been released:

Customizable Headers & Footers

Personalized logos have always been available. Last month we introduced footers that would stay consistent throughout every page of the mobile website. Now we can offer customizable Headers that appear on every page, and Alternate Home Page Headers that show up just on the first page of the mobile website.

A logo on the top of the first page is a best practice that we have always encouraged. Now it is possible to include your client’s logo, their phone number, a video, or anything else that they want to be front and center on their mobile website! Check out the new image slider on (on your smartphone).

Per-page SEO

With mobile search getting more and more advanced, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our platform. Since major search engines are rewarding companies that have a mobile website, we want to make sure that each page is indexed and searchable. The latest update makes it possible to add meta keywords and meta descriptions to each page.

Locations Module

Usually when a company only has one location, the address and phone number show up at the bottom of the home page. Now on the locations module, there is a “Display on Home Page” checkbox. Companies with one location can decide whether or not they want the map to show right away on the mobile website, or if they want the user to go to the Locations page first.

Do you have an idea for a great mobile website feature? Let us know in the comments, or email us! Next month’s updates could be your suggestion…

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